Car Safety Ratings

All cars come with some safety features. Some are compulsory - you won't get a warrant of fitness without them - but others are extras that you can choose when you buy a car. A car with better safety features can reduce your risk of being in a crash and improve your chance of surviving one.

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Protection during a crash

Modern cars' safety systems work together to protect you in a crash. Find out how a well-designed 'occupant protection system' could protect you and your passengers. Learn more

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Staying in control

Some vehicle technology can help you avoid a crash. To stay in control when you really need to, look for a car with these features.
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See and be seen

Visibility and good working headlamps are a warrant of fitness (WoF) must! But new lighting systems in cars can make both daytime and night-time driving safer. Learn more

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Reinforcing good driving

We all need to drive safely. Some cars even have safety systems in place to help you with this. Check out what's currently available. Learn more