If you are having difficulty using Rightcar, please check the questions and answers below to see whether your question has been answered. If you are still having trouble, the final answer below gives details of how to contact us, and what information to supply when you do.

My search didn't give me the results I expected on the Find page. Why?

First, you should check whether you have entered your search term correctly. If you typed in the make or model incorrectly for "Search All Vehicles", or typed in the registration number incorrectly for "Search By Registration Plate", then it's unlikely you will get the results you expect.

But if you did type those details correctly, and still didn't get the results you expect, here are some possible reasons:

  • The vehicle you were looking for may not be in our database - see "Why can't I find my own car on this site?" below for more information.
  • There may be more than one page of results, and the vehicle you are looking for may not be on the first page. Look below the search results to see if there is more than one page of results for the search you've entered.
  • If you have used the Suggestions provided or the options in the left-hand menu (Vehicle type etc.), then these may be limiting your search to fewer results than you expect. Try removing some of these constraints on the results to see whether you get a more useful set of results.

What do Suggestions do on the Find page?

Suggestions show you sub-categories within the category of vehicles you have chosen. For example, if you have searched for a make and model and got a large number of results, you can use the options given next to the Suggestions prompt to limit your search results to the category of vehicle suggested.

What does "Sort by" do on the Find page?

The vehicles on the Find page are listed in order of driver safety, with the highest ranking vehicles (most stars) shown first. You can choose to Sort vehicles by the other categories shown next to the "Sort by" prompt, and again, the highest ranking vehicles for that category will be shown first in the search results.

Why can't I find my own car on this site?

You may not be able to find your own car on Rightcar because:

  1. Rightcar only lists cars, 4WDs, SUVs, vans and utility vehicles that have been sold in New Zealand since 2005. In 2005 importers were required to supply information on fuel economy. If your car is older than 2005, you won't find it on Rightcar. However, you may find ex-Japanese domestic vehicles built since 2000 on the site, if they were imported after 2005.
  2. Information on most new cars is added to the site as soon as it is supplied by the manufacturer. If you can't find a new car on the site, it may be that it's too new; either the manufacturer or importer hasn't provided the information yet or it hasn't been uploaded into the database yet.
  3. The model name may not be what you expect. Check that you're entering the official model name of your car, e.g. a Toyota Surf is officially a Toyota Hilux Surf so the model will be 'Hilux' not 'Surf'.

A simple way to find information for your type of vehicle is to search using the number plate option.

What are the numbers and letters in square brackets under the vehicle name?

If you are looking at the information for a used Japanese import, it's likely that you will see one or more sets of numbers and letters in italics under the name of the vehicle, looking something like this: [XY1] or this: [XY1, XY2].

This is the frame code or frame codes for the vehicle. Some vehicles are listed with more than one frame code because the Rightcar entry represents a group of model variants that are essentially the same in terms of safety and fuel economy.

Frame codes help you to identify the exact submodel of the vehicle you are dealing with. You can usually find the frame code for your own vehicle on the vehicle's identifying plate. It's the part of the model code after the hyphen. So , if the model code is LA-RN1, then the frame code is RN1. If the model code was UA-RN1, the frame code would still be RN1.

On most Japanese import vehicles, the identifying plate is under the bonnet. In some cars, like the Nissan Maxima, it is under the driver's seat. In a van, it may be under the driver's or passenger's seat.

If you want to know more, here are some detailed instructions for finding the identifying plate in used Japanese imports and determining the model code. Read the section "Typical examples of plates with model codes" - the rest isn't relevant to you:

How can I compare vehicles?

You can compare vehicles using My List. Using the "Add to my list" buttons on the site, you can add vehicles to this page, remove them, and compare them. The details of how My List works are described below.

Why can't I see any vehicles on My List?

My List shows the vehicles you have selected to compare. If your My List is showing "0 Items", this means either that you have not selected any vehicles for inclusion in the list, or that you had previously selected some vehicles but have since deleted them.

To add new vehicles, use the options on the Find page to find the vehicle or vehicles you want, then click on the "Add to my list" button to add one or more vehciles to My List.

To restore deleted vehicles, click on "My List" and you should see an "Undo?" request for each vehicle you have deleted. Click on the word "Undo?" to restore the vehicle to your list.

How do I add vehicles to My List?

Use the "Add to my list" buttons on the Find page or on the vehicle detail pages.

How can I remove some or all of the vehicles in My List?

To remove a vehicle from My List, click the "X" button that displays when the mouse is near the right-hand end of the information about that vehicle. This will cause a message to display asking you whether you want to undo or confirm the deletion of the vehicle from the list:

  • If you want to restore the vehicle to your list, click "Undo?"
  • If you want to confirm the deletion of the vehicle from the list, click the X.

If I do a new search, will I lose the vehicles I have already got in My List?

No. All the vehicles you have added to My List will remain there until you delete them, or until you finish your session of using Rightcar.

When I add a new vehicle to My List, where will it appear?

The newest vehicle added to My List is added at the top of the list.

Who should I contact if I'm still having problems?

Please use the Contact us link at the bottom of the page. To help us assist you, please provide as much information as you can about the computer on which you accessed the Rightcar site:

  • What address did you access the Rightcar site through? (The main address is but other sites can also take a user through to the site)
  • What type of computer are you using, e.g. Mac or PC?
  • What operating system are you using, e.g. Windows XP or OSX 10.6.4?
  • What browser and browser version are you using, e.g. Internet Explorer 6, Firefox, Chrome etc? (Please be as precise as possible - knowing that you're using Firefox 7.0.1 is more helpful to us than knowing you're using Firefox 7.)
  • Do you have JavaScript turned on or off in your browser preferences?

Please supply a contact telephone number to help us get in touch with you.