Mazda 6 safety ratings

Dec 2012 - Current (front+side+head airbags)

About this test

The diesel left-hand-drive European wagon was tested by Euro NCAP. ANCAP was provided with information which showed that the results apply to all Australasian variants.

About the test vehicles

2.2 Diesel Wagon
2.2 Diesel
Kerb weight:
1420 kg
Medium Car
Front+Side+Head Airbags

ANCAP safety

Good score:  35.44 out of 37

In the offset crash test driver chest and leg protection was acceptable. Passenger chest protection was also acceptable. Side impact protection was good. Head protection in the side pole test was good.

Frontal offset crash test

Head / neck: 4.00 points Chest: 3.10 points Upper legs: 4.00 points Lower legs: 3.33 points The passenger compartment held its shape well in the offset test. Pedal and steering wheel displacements were well controlled. Driver and passenger contact with the airbags was stable. All doors remained closed during the crash.

Front danger map

Side impact crash test

Head: 4.00 points Chest: 4.00 points Abdomen: 4.00 points Pelvis: 4.00 points Good protection was provided for the driver in the side impact test. The side airbags performed well. The vehicle was eligible for a side pole test because it has side curtain airbags. The vehicle scored the maximum 2 points for head protection in this test.

Side danger map

Pedestrian safety


The bumper scored maximum points for its protection of pedestrians' legs. However, the front edge of the bonnet offered poor protection to the pelvis of a struck pedestrian and scored no points. On the bonnet surface, head protection was predominantly good or adequate.