Mazda Tribute safety ratings

Feb 2004 - Current (front + side + head airbags)

About the test vehicles

4 Dr Wagon
3 litre V6
Kerb weight:
1580 kg
Compact 4WD
Vehicles built:
Front + side + head airbags

ANCAP safety

Acceptable score:  24.67 out of 37

The Mazda Tribute scored 8.67 out of 16 in the offset crash test. The passenger compartment held its shape reasonably well except in the footwell. Protection from serious leg injury was poor for the driver. The vehicle scored 16 out of 16 in the side impact crash test and zero in the pole test.

Frontal offset crash test

Body region scores out of 4 points each: Head/neck 4pts, chest 2.67pts, upper legs 2pts, lower legs zero pts. The passenger compartment held it shape reasonably well in the offset crash test. However the front part of the driver's floor was pushed rearwards 190mm and the brake pedal moved rearwards by 234mm. The pedal moved upwards 65mm. The dash moved 68mm towards the driver. The steering wheel hub moved rearwards 40mm, upwards 11mm and sideways 28mm. The front ("A") pillar moved 98mm rearwards. The roof buckled upwards above the driver and the width of the driver's doorway shortened by 91mm. All doors remained closed during the crash. After the crash high manual effort was required to open the driver’s door. The airbag cushioned the head of the driver. The head started to roll off the side of the airbag but was not sufficient to attract a penalty. The driver's knees hit the steering column and dash. The ignition switch barrel and column adjuster were found to be potential sources of knee injury. The passenger's head was cushioned by the airbag. The passenger's knees hit the glove box.

Front danger map

Side impact crash test

Body region scores out of 4 points each: Head 4pts, chest 4pts, abdomen 4pts, pelvis 4pts. This test simulates a fairly small car striking the driver's door of the vehicle under test. It is based on a regulation test but the regulation does not apply to vehicles with a high seat height like the Tribute. Such vehicles can be expected to perform relatively well in this particular side impact test. ANCAP chose to conduct the pole test. The head portion of the side airbag did not deploy correctly and failed to protect the head from the risk of serious injury. This resulted in a score of zero.

Side danger map

Pedestrian safety


4.07 points out of 36 (11%). Child head impacts 2.07pts; Adult head impacts zero pts; Upper leg zero pts and lower leg impacts 2 pts. These results are not applicable to the Ford Escape, which has different body panels.