Audi A3 safety ratings

Jan 1997 - Dec 2003 (dual front+side airbags)

About the test vehicles

1.6l, 4 Cyl
Kerb weight:
1090 kg
dual front+side airbags
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ANCAP safety

Acceptable score:  25.13 out of 34

The AUDI A3 performed reasonably well in the offset crash test (score 9.39 out of 16). The passenger compartment held its shape well. The driver and passenger were protected by airbags. There was a moderate risk of serious leg injury for the driver. The vehicle performed very well in the side impact crash (score 15.75 out of 16).

Frontal offset crash test

The airbag cushioned the head of the driver and contact was stable. Rebound was well controlled. The passenger was also well protected by the airbag, although chest protection could be improved. The passenger compartment held its shape well in the offset crash test. The brake pedal moved rearwards by 15cm. The roof was starting to buckle upwards at the top of the front pillar and the width of the driver's doorway shortened by 5cm. All doors remained closed during the crash. After the crash all doors could be opened with normal effort.

Front danger map

Side impact crash test

The side airbags cushioned the chest and abdomen. The centre pillar and the side doors were pushed inwards moderately.

Side danger map

Pedestrian safety